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Our Story

Yes, we are young! And we are passionate about floral arrangements!


We see and feel the flowers in a different perspective. Very much due to our past architectural profession, perhaps.


To us, flowers are beyond botanic produces.

To us, flowers are bursting with life.


At Fern Studio75, we work conservatively like the greens amidst the blooms.

For that one and only purpose - To be that accent to the glorious blooming.


With our creative hands (and guts!), we want all that blossoms to live out their life to the fullest, without regrets.


Yup, so coincidentally, that's also the fundamental of Fern Studio75.

No regrets!

Question: How to order from us?

Nope, we don't showcase a catalogue for you to choose your flowers.

Instead, order your flowers by letting us know your budget and your preferred flower choices.

Because we like the uncoventional way of working with you!

Each of our arrangement speaks character and personality of the recipient.

Just that our flowers are

Made with Love | To your Beloved

The Floral Boutique
made with love | to your beloved

Saw something you like?


What our clients said :

"Your backdrop with the flowers is so amazing! And also not forgetting the bouquet of flowers for the day and night. My wife loves them. She really LOVES them! And also car deco. Thank you so much for being such a helping florist! With your excellent work and service you have provided during my wedding, you just made it the best and a memorable one. On behalf of my wife and me, would like to thank you again!"

- Groom Kenneth, 7 Jan 2017 | Capella Sentosa

"Thanks so much Hui! The flowers are SO pretty! Even my hubs said so! THANK YOU! I'm glad that I've found you online!"

- Bride Batty, 7 Jan 2017

"Thanks for your decoration. We love it! Your flowers made our photoshoot turned out so beautiful! Even, my guest and family commented that your decoration is very nice!"

- Groom Juntian, 20 Nov 2016 | Village Hotel Changi

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